I like to cook. I like to build stuff. I like to combine those two hobbies, though I don’t really claim to be great at either. The results are a often haphazard, generally messy, and frequently tasty.  I created this blog to try to remember how I threw something particular together in case I ever want to do it again. If I manage to amuse anyone, that’s great, too. Sadly, a lot of these posts get halfway written and then never finished, for which I apologize. If someone flips me any shit about one, I’ll probably get my act together and finish it.

I suspect that there are many others out there who have similar experiences. If you’d like to write a guest post about that crazy time in the kitchen when you used a vacuum cleaner to destroy a perfectly good pizza or something, feel free to shoot me an email: mooseo@mankitchen.org.

My wife is a truly fantastic cook / baker. You should check out her mad skills over at flourarrangements.org.

I also talk about non-food stuff I build at moosecraft.org

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  1. Nice Job, Moose! Truly amazed and in awe of all the awesome stuff you and Suzanne come up with! Miss you guys! And, a great big Happy Birthday to Eliza!

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